General Terms & Conditions

Legal Details

Booking can be carried out orally, in written form, per telephone, telefax, via the internet or per e-mail and leads to a binding contract between both parties. Only the persons mentioned in the contract will be hosted. The price mentioned in the contract is binding, even if the apartment will actually be occupied with less persons than previously agreed upon.

Down Payment

A down payment of 200 Euros is due at the time of booking.

Non-smoking apartments

It is prohibited to smoke in our apartments. You may smoke on the balconies or terrace.

Times of arrival and departure

Times of arrival: 4.00 pm – 8.00 pm (or according to previous agreement). On departure day the apartments have to be vacated by 10.00 am since they need to be cleaned for further guests to come.


We kindly ask our guests to take care of the apartment they hire and handle all equipment with care. Guests are liable for any damage caused during their stay and will be charged the standard price for costs of repair and replacement. A refundable 100 Euros security-deposit will be charged upon arrival.


For hygienic reasons and regarding our guests suffering from allergies we cannot take on pets.


Payment is possible in cash only – we cannot accept EC-cards, cheques or any other means of payment.


If the guest withdraws the booking, or does not make use of the booked services, the guest’s obligation to pay the apartment price generally remains unchanged. In this case the host will attempt to secure an alternative booking for said dates, however is not obliged to undertake special efforts to do so.

If the apartment can be occupied otherwise, the host has to deduct this from the amount owed. If another occupant could not be realized the host has to deduct the expenses saved from the amount owed.

To calculate these expenses saved, law acknowledges the following guidelines that the guest has to pay to the host:

Booked service: holiday apartments and accommodation without board
90 % of the daily rent

The quota stated relates to the respective complete booking price including all side costs, whereas public taxes, like visitors’ tax, will not be taken into consideration. To avoid unnecessary costs caused by unforeseen occurrences that lead to a trip cancellation, we urgently recommend buying a travel insurance.

Latest News

Dear guests, you make winter holidays in Germany's only alpine national park and our house is located at 1000 m. For this reason good winter tires and snow chains are required. Please practice to mount the snow chains before departure.

Contact & Requests

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